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*Cough* Let’s just pretend I haven’t disappeared for about a month 👀 *

Let’s pretend that there’s no such thing as procrastination 🤧But reality is sometimes you just want to put everything on pause ..

Work & uni can all get overwhelming and you just feel like doing absolutely nothing.

But on Tuesday I attended Open Circle @NCI , which I have been wanting to attend for the last two weeks. It was not what I expected at all, it was so much more. After the discussion we had the atmosphere was breathtaking, a room full of young people expressing themselves and letting God take control.

Tuesday night was all about WORSHIP!

Before we sang and gave thanks to God we spoke about worship. We were asked what is Worship? & Why do we Worship?

When I would think of worship, I would think of the slow music we sing before praise songs. But what I have learnt is worship is so much more. Worship is in our actions, worship is the way we show our love to God.

In the beginning when God created Lucifer, he was a walking musical instrument. He was the leader of music in heaven. ( The main Oga)

He became full of pride and disobedience, he did not want to fulfil the works of God, and wanted to be worshipped himself.

Lucifer did not want to follow Gods plan, worshipping God is our way of connecting with our Father. So what way are we living our lives if we do not take time to do what we are created to do.

Life gets us caught up with idolising so many ungodly things. Anytime I hear that word Idol in my head I’m like “Nope, not me I’m not involved” because straight away I think of someone bowing down to a statue and that’s not the case.

Anything that distracts you from God, anything you put before God such as money, social media, boyfriend, girlfriend, when you really deep it, I got scared thinking am I idolising these things in my life.

But truth of the matter is anything that is sitting in your heart that is not of God is idolising, your putting worldly things as a priority and letting it take control of your heart.

A point was made that really shook me, that God can command the stones to worship Him if we do not .(Isaiah 55v12) How can we get so self absorbed and caught up with our own lives that we even forget to give God a minute of our time to praise him , that He would have to command the stones that we walk on to praise Him. I pray that our mindsets will change, and learn to give thanks to God all the time and not only when He rewards us , or when we need something. As our God is a merciful God , and we should fear Him, as our lives is in His hands.

The last part of the session was putting worship into practice. We were told to free our minds , and put all our attention to God. I didn’t care who was around me, it was just me and my God. The presence of God was in the atmosphere. Our voices joined together was so beautiful, emotional and powerful, you could feel such a strong connection between us.

Open Circle made me feel like I’m not alone , and everyone has there own bondage’s that is holding them back. But with the help of God we will surely break every chain and turn our lives around if we let Him take control of our hearts.

It’s okay to fall .. God will pick you back up.

Open Circle is on everyday Tuesday @5:30 in NCI


God bless



  1. Saphira
    December 1, 2018 / 8:17 pm

    Love this All the glory to Jesus 🙏🏽

    • sandrascope
      December 6, 2018 / 4:39 pm

      Thank you so much xx Amen 😌🙌🏽

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